Sunday, 4 July 2010

Adding a Silk Flower to a Printable Box

I've used one of my printable boxes - the Thank You Pillow Box to make this giftbox.

This box was really easy to make.

First print, score and cutout the Printable Box (detailed assembly instructions come with the box).
I found 2 silk flowers (Papermainia) that colour matched some of the printed words, and an old shirt button (the shirt has long gone). And I routed through my texere Yarns to find this lovely sparkly green thread.

Pierce 2 small hole in the centre of the front of the box

Using a needle thread a length of yarn through the holes so both ends are on the top

Thread both ends through the flower centres

Thread one end through one of the button holes.
Thread the other end through the other hole.

Tie a bow and trim the ends.

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