Saturday, 3 July 2010

Concertina Card

Daniel's Aunt and Uncle sent us a lovely concertina Angels card for Christmas. It looks so grand. I decided to have a go at making one.

Digital Stamps are perfect for this style of card. I used a digital stamp from Bee Crafty.

Create a page in your chosen software (desktop publisher/scrapbooking package/graphics package/drawing package/photo editor) the size of the paper you will be printing on - in landscape.

Setup guidelines to divide you page into 8 equal columns. (If your software doesn't have guidelines use a grid in the top layer)

Decide on the height of your card and draw a guideline across to divide the page

Choose your digital stamp

Size it to fit inside 2 of the rectangles and position it centrally on the guideline. This will be the image on the back section of the card.

Copy the image and place it centrally in each of the remaining sections. Align them all up horizontally.

Make the 3 images to the left progressively smaller

make sure they are still lined up

Add a greeting to the right hand image. Mine says have a hip hop happy birthday. I used an outline font (Candy Buzz Squared) so I can colour it in glitter gel pen. I've lined my text up so only the words Happy Birthday can been seen when the card is closed.

Remove/Hide the guidelines



Colour your images

Fold along the quarter lines

Mark the centre line of each section on the very edge of the 3 smaller images with pencil.

Cutout the right hand side of each of the smaller 3 images using a craft knife.

Fold along each of the centre lines on the left hand sections.

Fold to close the card.

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