Thursday, 15 July 2010

What's A Bragbook?

I've been asked "What is a Bragbook?" and "How do you make a Bragbook?"

So, What is a Bragbook? A Bragbook is a small scrapbooking album designed to be carried around in a bag - for showing to everyone you meet up with. The scrapbook album is about something you want to Brag about. Hence it's name.

A Bragbook is normally made of between 4 and 10 pages. Each page is 6 x 4 inches in size. You can make one using traditional paper scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking. You could even go hybrid and make the main page digitally, adding glitter or small embellishments after printing. If you are going digital, as the pages are 6x4 inches, you can get your pages printed anywhere that prints digital photos.

Some perfect subjects for Bragbooks are:
  • bridesmaid for the day
  • daughter's (or son's) wedding day
  • new baby
  • grandchildren bragbook for Grandma
  • bragbook of kiddies for Daddy to have at work
  • a special occasion
  • prize winning vegetables
  • anything you really want to show off and brag about

My kids love Bragbooks and take them to school (and everywhere else they go) for show and tell. Their favourite subjects are:

  • my holiday (or vacation)
  • Christmas Time
  • Family Wedding
  • Special day out (e.g. a trip to the Zoo)
  • my family

Here's an example - a 4 page Bragbook I made for my daughter last Autumn - her special day as a Bridesmaid.

I used the Deborah's Wedding Bragbook Quickpage Album by Toucan Scraps.

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