Monday, 20 December 2010

Pocket Book Tutorial

Hello folks, I’m going to share with you today how I made this tag-pocket book. It’s going to be a Christmas gift, and my daughter is ½ way through making one at the moment too.

What I used:

  • 4 square card blanks (mine are approx 5 inches). Alternatively you could use cardstock that is scored down the middle.
  • Patterned Paper to cover the card blanks (alternatively if you use patterned card-stock you could skip this bit).
  • Card-stock and paper to make the pockets
  • Card to make the tags
  • Ribbons/fancy yarns
  • Embellishments/ stamped images
  • 2 pieces of square board ½ inch larger than the card blanks (about 5 ½ inches for me). With patterned paper to cover & decorate.

Assembling the Pocket Book Pages

  • Fold the card blanks
  • On the back of the first card blank, stick double sided tape along the bottom and 2 sides (leave the middle area free and also the top edge)
  • Stick the front of the second card blank to it forming a pocket at the top.

  • Repeat until all the pages are stuck together

  • Stick patterned paper (I’ve used some old Papermainia paper from my stash) to each page. I chose to leave a small border around the edge of each page for my blue and white colour scheme. (If you are using double sided cardstock you could skip this step and save time).

  • Using a circle punch (or cutter) punch a semi-circle out of the top of each pocket.

Adding Triangular Pockets

  • Cut a piece of card-stock the size of one page (5x5 inches in my example), stick some patterned paper to the card (or use patterned card stock).
  • When dry, cut it in half along the diagonal

  • Attach a triangle to the bottom corner of one of the pages to make a pocket, using double sided tape along the bottom and side edges.

  • Repeat with the other triangle on a different page.

Adding Vertical Pockets

  • Cut some card-stock the height of the page, and 1/3 of the width, and stick patterned paper on it. (Or use patterned card-stock.)
  • Attach to the outside edge of the page with double sided tape at the top, bottom and outside edge.

Adding Horizontal Pockets

  • Cut some card-stock the width of the page, and ½ - 2/3 of the width, and stick patterned paper on it. (Or use patterned card-stock.)
  • Attach to the bottom edge of the page with double sided tape at the bottom and 2 sides.

Adding Panel Pockets

  • Cut some card-stock the size you want the pocket to be, and stick patterned paper on it. (Or use patterned card-stock.)
  • Using the circle punch (or cutter), cut a semi circle into the centre of the open edge of the pocket
  • Attach to the page using double sided tape as above.

Making the Tags

  • Cut some plain card-stock the size you want your tags to be, test them to ensure they fit into your pockets.
  • I like to round off the corners, or use decorative corner punches
  • Punch a small circle of paper to act as a hole reinforcer, and stick to the tag.
  • Punch the tag hole
  • Thread ribbon, string or fancy yarn to the hole.

Finishing Off

Decorate as much as you like. As mine is for a gift I have left the tags mainly plain for the receiver to add photos and journaling of choice.

Adding the Covers

  • Optional, faux ribbon binding. Cut 3 short pieces of ribbon, and attach to the front and back of the pocket book whilst it is shut. Add bows etc if you like.

  • Add patterned paper and embellishments etc to your covers
  • Add double sided tape to the edges of the back of the pocket book, then fill the middle area with dry adhesive (e.g. glue stick).
  • Making sure to align the edges where the spine is so there is no overlap, stick the back cover to the book. Repeat with the front cover.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Quick and Easy Decorated Candle

There are lots of ways to decorate a candle for the dinner table or a gift. This one is really quick and easy.
  • Push mini brads through some snowflake shaped sequins
  • Press them into the candle
  • Cut a length of wide ribbon, wrap around the candle and fasten in place with double sided tape.
  • Cut a longer length of narrower ribbon, wrap around the candle on top of the wider ribbon and tie a bow to fasten.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

3D Decoupage Hybrid Gift Tag Tutorial

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how I made a hybrid, 3D Decoupage Gift Tag. It's hybrid, because I manipulated digital scrapbooking paper and elements in my software ready for the project, printed them and then cut them out. Then they were ready to use in the same way as traditional card-stock etc.
I made my tag using the Orange Spice kit by Toucan Scraps.

First the Digital Bit
Set-up the page in your software to the size of card stock you are printing on. I've set mine to metric A5.
Most printers have a margin where it doesn't print anyth
ing. check your printer settings and place guidelines at the margin points (.6 cm for me).
If your software doesn't support guidelines then draw vertical and horizontal lines in the top layer.

Choose your background paper (I'm using the stars background from the Orange Spice Kit by Toucan Scraps). Crop it to 3 x 5 inches.
Create an element cluster on the layer above it. (I'm using one of the Ivy Leaves and one of the Winter Roses from the Orange Spice Kit.)
Make a copy of the cluster and place it in the blank space on the page.
Make a copy of the top part of the cluster (the rose for mine) and place that on the blank space
Print onto sturdy white card-stock. (I don't know the imperial equivalent, but my preference is for 210 gsm.)
Now for the Paper Crafting Bit
Cut out
At the opposite end to the image cluster, on the back, use a pencil to mark 3/4 inches from the corner on both long edges. And 1 inch from the corners along the short edge. Join the marks and cut along the lines to make the tag shape.
If you wish to write on the back of the tag, now is the best time to do so, as the 3D image will make it tricky.
Stick 3D foam pads on the back of the cut out images. (If you don't have any then cut small pieces of cardboard or foam and stick them with glue).
Stick the larger image directly on top of the image printed on the tag.
Stick the smaller image directly on top of the same image on the tag (for me the rose on top of the rose)
This layering technique is called 3D decoupage.
Punch a hole in the narrow end of the tag.
Optional - insert an eyelet into the hole.
Thread yarn/ribbon/string/twine through the hole.