Saturday, 19 November 2011

Creating Fancy Text in DSA and CAP

Fancy Text, or Word Art, is a great way to personalise digital scrapbooking layouts, cards and other hybrid projects. You can create decorative quotations, striking titles, pretty card sentiments and add emphasis to journalling. This is a technique that will also come in handy for Monday's gift making project.

Today I'm going to share a tutorial on how to do this in Serif's Digital Scrapbook Artist (DSA) and it's upgrade Craft Artist (CAP). There is a free cutdown version of the software that you can pick up at

1. Set up your page in DSA or CAP
2. Click on the text tool (the button with the"A" on it)

3. Click onto your page. (Optional: drag the mouse slightly as you click on the page to make the text larger. We can do this later so not essential now)

4. Start typing your text. It will flow in a straight line, and if there is a lot of text off the edge of the page. For this example I am going to type

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver." Proverbs 25:11 .

5. I want to make this text flow onto more than one line. To do this click on the arrow button

6. Click on the cross symbol next to the line of text

7. Click on the words Edit Points

8. Click on the top right handle and drag it to the left until the box of text is the width you want it to be.

9. click the word Back

10. Now to change the font. Find the font box on the tool bar and click on the little down pointing arrow. Then scroll down the list until you find a font you like. Click on it. I am choosing "Bookman Old Style".

11. I want to put the verse reference on the next line. To do this click on the text, click on the word edit, click just before the word Proverbs and then press the enter Key. Click away from the text to deselect it.

12. To centre align the text, click on it and then click on the tool button with horizontal lines in central alignment (try the other buttons to see what they do).

13. Change the font size by clicking on the arrow next to the number box and selecting a size. I'm choosing 18pt.

14. I want to make the reference smaller. To do this select the text, click on Edit, then click next to the reference and drag select it. Now change the size using the font size box again. I'm choosing 10pt.

15. Click on the text to select it and change it's colour by clicking on one of the colours in the colour box. I'm going to use dark blue.

16. To make some of the words stand out I'm going to select them and make them a different colour.

17. You can also change the font of individual words to draw attention to them.

18. You can move and resize the text box in the same way as any other object

Have fun, and I'd love to see what you create.

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