Monday, 12 December 2011

Blended Photo using Craft Artist

One of my favourite digital scrapbooking techniques is blending a photo into the page background. Here's an example using a kit from By Becca called Love Grows Here.

Today I'm going to show you how easy this is to do in Serif's Craft Artist Professional (CAP) and it's Predecessor Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 (DSA2). The photo is blended using the Transparency tool. (Note that this tool is disabled in the cut down versions.)

1. Place your photo onto layer 1 and resize it etc.
2. With the photo selected click on the Transparency Tool button - it looks like a glass.

3. The click on the dropdown box that currently says none and select radial.

4. Click on the black dot in the centre of the circle and drag it to where you want the main focal part of the photo to be.

5. Click on the white dot at the edge of the circle and drag it outwards or inwards to adjust the transparency of the photo edges.

In my example I place a background paper behind it and then added more photos and elements on top.

Have fun, and I'd love to see what you create. Blessings to you all from Angela.


  1. helloo.. I wanna ask how you can make ur picture so blend with the background, I mean, I see there are scratch like using eraser brush on photoshop software on ur picture edge, so the picture is not just circle shape from the radial effect. If u don't mind will u make tutorial from a-z till I can get that look ?thank you! (my emaiil: or

  2. The paper I used is grungy, is that what is confusing you?


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