Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Stars

Tea Bag Folding is really easy, and looks really impressive. As well as focal points for cards etc it can be used to make wonderful paper stars for your Christmas Tree or anywhere else you want to hang them.

For this tutorial my daughter and I are using the teabag folding tiles from the Toucan Scraps Christmas Card Making Kit.

The stars are made with the Kite Fold. For each ornament you need 2 stars, each star uses 8 teabag tiles.

The teabag folding bit
Cut out the square teabag folding tiles.

For each square:
1. fold the square in half down the diagonal

2. open out
3. turn over
4. fold the side corners into the middle fold to form a kite

For each Star
1. take 8 kites (can be 8 the same or 2 lots of 4. If using 2 tiles then alternate them as you stick them together)
2. Turn the first kite face up.
3. Apply glue/adhesive to one section of the widest part of the kite.
4. Stick a 2nd kite to the 1st one

5. Repeat with the remaining kites until a star has been formed.

For each ornament
1. Take 2 stars

2. Stick them together back to back
3. Punch or pierce a hole in the top

4. thread with ribbon/twine/lace/string
5. secure with a good knot

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  1. Hi Angela! This a beautiful Christmas star. Thank you for sharing on how to make it. Thank you for visiting my blog today too!

    I hope you are doing well. Have a great day!


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