Thursday, 22 December 2011

Printing Digis in MS Works

If you are new to digital stamps you will be pleased to know that you don't need any fancy graphics software to use them. You can easily resize and print them from inside MS Works and MS Word. (for MS Word see the next tutorial.)

I'm using MS Works 9.0, I'm assuming they havn't messed with the software too much and this will work in older and newer versions the same.

This will work for digital stamps in jpg format , and digital papers

* Open MS Works Word Processor, make sure you have the page setup the size of paper you normally print on.
* go to the menu bar, click on insert, then picture, then from file
* select the digi stamp you want to print
* click insert
* select the image you have now successfully put on your page
* go to the menu bar, click on format, then object
* click on the tab that says size
* now enter the size you want your stamp to be
* click on the Layout Tab
* select square from the options
* click OK
* drag the image to the place you want it to be on the page
* (optional) put more stamps on the page if you want to
* print

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