Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Button Bobbles Craft Tutorial

My little girls love wearing hair bobbles and I made some for my toddler using old buttons, some elastic and digi stamps. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make some - it's really easy to do. Digital stamps are perfect for this project because they can be resized, and you will need to resize them really small.
You will need:
* large buttons
* elastic
* thread
* stamped image/stickers (I'm using a digital stamp by Toucan Scraps from the Frogs Set)
* something to colour the image (unless pre-coloured)
* pva glue

The digital bit first
* Measure your buttons.
* Resize your digi stamp so that it will fit onto the button (If you like you could use part of an image rather than the whole image).
* If your software can draw circles, then draw one the size of the button and have it transparent with just an outline. Place it over the digi stamp.
* Print
* If you don't have the circle drawn digitally, place the button on top of the printed image and draw around it
* Colour your stamped image (I used Tria Markers)
* Cut out when dry

Now the assembly
* Look at the button, the top of the bobble needs to be the smooth, non-bevelled part.
* Fold the elastic into a loop and secure by tying a knot
* Stitch through the button holes and the elastic loop to fasten it to the button
* Coat the top with pva glue and stick on the image, pressing firmly to ensure it sticks to the curved surface.
* leave to dry
* Apply a coat of pva glue (it dries clear) to the top of the image, overlapping it onto the sides of the button. This will help keep the edges secure, and provide it with some protection.
* Allow to dry
* Add a second coat of pva glue if it doesn't look fully covered.