Thursday, 14 April 2011

Quilled Daffodils Tutorial

Hello, I'm Angela. Today I'm going to show you how I made these mini daffodils, they are a perfect addition to any spring themed paper crafting project.
What you need:
  • scraps of yellow or cream lightweight card stock
  • yellow or orange quilling paper (or cut paper to approx 2.5mm or 1/8 th inch wide)
  • midi flower punch (mine is from Papermainia and makes a 16mm flower)
  • pva glue
  • quilling tool or small tweezers (optional, but does make it easier than by hand)
  • cocktail stick
1. Punch a flower petal shape out of the card stock.
2. Tear a strip of quilling paper approx 8 cm (3 inches) long.
3. Roll the quilling strip to make a tight spiral circle. Glue the end in place.
4. Using the end of the cocktail stick curl up the ends of the petals on the punched shape.
5. Glue the quilled circle in the centre.
Have fun making these, and please leave a comment here linking to your online project photo so we can admire it.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Beginning digital layouts

Hello! I'm Christine. I like to scrapbook my family's memories in yearly albums, and I'm playing "catch up" this week as I document our 2009 year.

This is my very first all-digital album, and I'm using a great, easy program called Scrapbook Max for all of my digital work. I'm not selling it, nor is my blog affiliated with it; I just think it's a really user-friendly program! A fellow digital scrapper introduced me to it a few months back, and I'm hooked!

I want this album to have somewhat of a retro feel, so I picked out these colors and lined up a pattern of squares and rectangles.
To keep the color palate the same throughout the album, I cut and pasted the 5 colors in the sidebar as I worked, and used the eyedropper tool as I edited. (*For almost any imaging software, like Scrapbook Max or even Photoshop, just click on "more colors" when selecting a color, and place your cursor on the image's color you'd like duplicated....I hope that makes sense;)
This page, I designed myself.
Here is a template from the Scrapbook Max software, and I simply edited the colors to match my palate.

Here are the completed layouts, minus my photos and journalling.

Have a wonderful day.


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Quick and Easy Mini Notebooks

Hello everyone, I'm Angela and I'm going to show you how to make some quick and easy little gifts, or personalised items for your own handbag. This mini notebook took about 10 minutes.
To make you will need
  • Mini Memo Pads (I got a pack of 10 for £1 in the local stationary shop)
  • Card Stock. I like to use double sided card stock so the inside of the cover is pretty too. (For this example I've used some scraps left over from a previous project from the DCWV Spring Glitter Stack .)
  • Double Sided Sticky Tape
  • Decorations etc.
1. Measure your mini memo pad
2. Cut a piece of card stock slightly wider than the memo pad and about 1 inch longer
3. Lay the memo pad on top of the card stock and score near the top of the pad, then score again at a distance slightly larger than the depth of the memo pad.
4. Fold along the score lines
5. Attach double sided sticky tape to the inside of the flap
6. Stick the top of the memo pad to the flap
7. Fold the cover over the memo pad
8. Now you are ready to personalise and decorate the front of the cover.