Friday, 23 September 2011

Tri Fold Card Using Clear Stamps

Hello everyone, today I am going to share some stamping tips for using Clear Stamps and building a scene. I am going to walk through the steps I took to make this Tri-Fold card using some Woodland Folk Clear Stamps Sets.
1. Trim a sheet of A4 (or American Letter) sized card stock so it fits the width of a standard envelope.
2. Divide the card into 3 sections with the centre one just slightly larger than 1/3.
3. Score along the 2 fold lines
4. Rubber stamps have a cushion between them and the wooden block to provide even stamping. Clear stamps however do not have this cushion. So to get a clean, even image with a clear stamp you need to place a stamping cushion/mat underneath the card or paper you are printing onto. If you don't have one an upside down mouse mat on top of a hard surface will do the job.

5. First we are going to stamp the tree on the right-hand flap. This means stamping on the left-hand side of the card-stock. Place a piece of scrap paper along the central section alongside the scoreline. this will mask the edge of the stamped image.

6. Attach the tree stamp and some mushrooms etc. to the acrylic block, ink it up and press firmly with it overlapping onto the scrap paper. (If you will be colouring with alcohol based markers then use a dye based ink, if you will be using water colours then use a pigment ink for the stamps)
7. On the other side I want to repeat the tree, but have it behind some characters. First stamp the characters that will be in the foreground. Then stamp the image again onto some scrap paper.
8. Cut out the scrap image
9. Attach the scrap directly on top of the main stamped image using low-tack tape.
10. Ink up the background tree stamp, add a scrap paper mask along the score line as before and stamp the tree image.
11. Remove the masks and you will see the characters in front of the tree.
12. Continue adding stamped images to both sides to complete the scene.
13. Turn the card over and stamp some surprise images on the inside of the card ensuring they will be covered by the front images.
14. Colour the stamped images. I used Letraset Tria Markers.
15. Cut around the top of the images on the sides of the card.
16. Fold, check and finish off the card.

If you want to make a similar card using digital stamps there are some tutorials on creating scenes with digital stamps here and here.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Monk Braiding Using a Sewing Machine

Hello everyone, today I'd like to show you how to make your very own fancy braiding attached to a project. The braid can be attached to anything with a hole in or a ring on. For my example I have created a braid onto the end of a bookmark. Other ideas include gift tags and key rings.

To do this technique you will need the following:
  • a sewing machine
  • an empty bobbin
  • 4 different threads
  • Something ready to attach the braid to. (My Bookmark was made from DCWV scraps.)

1. Prepare your project so it is ready for the braid.
2. Cut the threads to 3 times the length you want the braid to be. I cut mine to 12 inches for a 4 inch long braid.
3. Thread the bobbin hole with the 4 threads from the inside to the top.

4. Tie a double knot with it placed on the top of the bobbin rim

5. Place the bobbin in the bobbin threader and lock in place.
6. Hold the threads tight at about 45 degrees

7. Start the machine and hold the pedal down until the threads start to tug.
8. Without letting go of the tension, thread the twisted braid through the hole or ring and move the object to the centre. (Here's where I needed some small hands to hold the camera, thanks TJ)

9. Holding the object with the other hand, move the thread ends next to the bobbin knot.

10. Release the tension and allow the braid to twist

11. Cut the bobbin knot and then securely knot the end of the braid.
12. Trim the ends.

Monday, 12 September 2011

100 Followers Prize Draw

It's prize draw time. The winner, chosen by randomiser is Rae Rae. Congratulations. Get in touch with me and we'll make arrangements for your prize to be sent to you.
Thank you everyone for making this tutorials blog a success by being here.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

News from our Sponsor

Unfortunately the store Toucan Scraps sells at had major technical problems yesterday and is temporarily closed for rebuilding. We hope to see the store back on-line soon. This mishap added to personal circumstances mean that Toucan Scraps is needing to take a break and will not be part of the rebuilt store.

In the meantime this tutorials blog will continue, and the next tutorial will be posted in a few days time. Remember, I'd love to feature you with your hints/tips as a guest here any time.

Blessings to you all, from Angela aka Toucan Scraps