Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lynne's Art Journal Page

My wonderful friend Lynne aka Aria Designs has offered to share with us how she went about creating this lovely digital art journal page.

How Did I do This?
When you develop a layout, it is not always about plopping papers, images and elements on a page. Although that is precisely what you do, you have an element of design to play with.

For example in this page, I started with an idea that I wanted to scrap about taking time for ourselves. So I grabbed my Follow Your Art Feb kit because it had a clock in it (representing the time portion).

I imagined what I would like to do if I had some spare time: My thing is relaxing with a pot of tea or java, some reading material, and smelling the fragrance of flowers, lavender being one of my favorites. As I approached this task, I simply dragged in the elements that reminded me of relaxation. I ended up deleting some as I went along, because they did not fit in the scheme I wanted.

I also dragged a soft peaceful paper in for the background, and tried a few as I proceeded to create my “scene”. The design element came to bare when I needed to make the papers below the tea set look like they were flat, changing the perspective. EASY to do.

  • First, load the paper you want to use, in this case I used paper 12 of my FYA kit since it had a mixture of papers and news article which was perfect for being under a tea set.
  • Next, turn your paper at a 45 degree angle, or whatever looks right for the needed perspective of your page.
  • Grab your transform handles at the top of the paper and simply pull down. Note how the paper flattens.
I did the same on the rose petals, because I designed them to look like they were falling, but here I wanted to make them look like they were resting after the fall.

I situated my book with lavender (from the Cluster kit of FYA) in front of the tea set enough to cover the bottom of the tea pot, but far enough back to look like it was directly behind it. The brown square I propped up and angled to make it look like a book or album.

I added shadows and my journaling. It needed something up at the top to balance the weight of the elements below, so added something that could fly or float, to make it reasonable to be up at the top of the image. Viola!

Now this is done using fairly realistic elements for that 3-D effect, but this style can be used with any materials. Just play and enjoy, that is what scrapping and journaling are all about! And remember, you do not need to stick to the designers papers and elements as they are produced, you can reshape, add styles, shadows and produce your own desired effects to create your own art piece. Just play and enjoy!

Thank you Lynne for sharing your creative process and beautiful page with us.


  1. Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Lynne is just awesome! Loved seeing the process! TFS


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