Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Altered Journal Using Mixed Media

Hello everyone, I hope you hare having a great creative start to the week. Mixed Media is a fabulous mish-mash of lots of different craft and art materials and techniques, and it can even include digital. It's loads of fun and I have to be careful if the kids are around or they take over. I used Mixed Media to cover journal recently, and I'm going to walk you through what I did to create the front cover.

  • A Large Spiral Bound Note Book
  • Water Colour Paper, Brush and Paints
  • Doily
  • Butterfly Rubber Stamp and Alcohol Based Markers (Tria by Letraset)
  • Tissue Paper
  • Glue
  • Thin Black Cardstock (or thick paper)
  • Glitter Yarn and Thin Ribbon
  • Out Loud Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Angie Young
  • White Card Stock for Printer
  • Scissors
  • Curved Edges on Fiskars Shape Templates
  • Wooden Embellishment
The Painting Bit

Taking two tubes of watercolour paints I put some in a pallet and added water to make a wash. Then starting from the top of a sheet of water colour paper I painted a blue wash, and from the bottom a yellow one. The meet in the middle and merge slightly. I made the top and bottom darker by over painting.

After the paint dried I cut the paper to size to fit the front of my journal.
Then I placed a doily in the top right corner.

Taking paint directly from the blue watercolour tube I dabbed it around the corner of the doily to make a pattern.

I repeated this in the bottom left using the yellow paint.

When the paint brush overlapped the blue section on the doily it mixed to make a green. I finished the paint left on the brush to print a circular design in green using the centre of the doily.

Adding water to the brush I painted a wash across the remaining white area of the doily to finish colouring it.

The Butterfly Tag

This was the digital part of my artwork. I put the blue journal tag from Angie's kit in my software and placed the red butterfly on top. Then I copied the butterfly in the space next to it. I printed the images onto white card-stock.

I cut out the tag ignoring the butterfly wings and cutting straight across them. Then I cut the wings from the second butterfly image.

I stuck the wings on to the tag directly above the printed butterfly image ensuring there was no glue on the wing tips. After the glue dried I used a pencil to curl the wing tips.

Putting it all Together

I inked up a butterfly rubber stamp with Tria Markers and printed a row of butterflies along the left hand side of the paper.

The Fiskars shape templates come with curved edges. I pressed the edge down on top of some tissue paper and tore the tissue paper along the shaped edge.

I layered up tissue paper and the doily along the left edge of the painted paper

I mounted the artwork on black card-stock. Using a black Tria Marker I inked up the edges and sprial bound edge of the front cover. The Cover was then stuck down using double sided sticky tape before adding the tag and a wooden embellishment.

As a finishing touch I tied some ribbon and glitter threads to the top 5 spirals.

This journal was so much fun to make, and I decorated some of the inside pages too (see previous tutorial). Have fun decorating your own note books and journals, and don't forget that I love to see anything you make inspired by or following instructions from this tutorials blog.


  1. This is just beautiful... I have everything sitting here waiting for me to get up the nerve to make one myself... thanks for walking me thru this, now I may have enough nerve to try it myself!

  2. beautiful journal cover! Love the butterflies.

  3. This is amazing.. I love such art works. and yours is fantastic..
    Thanks for linking up at friday fun party.. :)


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