Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Photography - That Strange Little Flower

Hello, I'm Sabrina back again with another post on photography! Have you ever wondered what that flower icon is on your camera dial?  Well I am here today to give you some insight into what that can be used for.  As you may have guessed, or discovered on your own, is once this setting is dialled in it will help your close-ups have some pop from their background.  Most likely you have seen photos of flowers like the one below in gardening magazines, on-line, etc and that is where camera manufactures came up with the idea of using a flower as the icon on your camera.

In the photography world these types of shots would not be labeled as “close-ups” but macro shots.  Macro photography is its own breed of photography that can entail very expensive lenses, money, delicate subjects, and the list could go on and on.  However, that does not mean you cannot give it a try yourself!  Basically what you are doing when you are trying to achieve a macro shot is make the subject you are photographing look larger than life as close as if you were touching it with a blurred background (or shallow depth of field).  Now that is the Sabrina definition of what macro shots are lol but whether you realize it or not you see macro photography every single day.   Yep!  Anytime you look in a magazine or on the cover of a product label you are most likely looking at a macro shot of a product.  For example take a gander at this shot I took of a toy tractor by John Deere:

this could easily be the photo you would see on the box if you were buying this for a child.  

So what is the trick to achieving great macro shots?  Just dial in the flower or close-up icon of your camera and find something that interests you and practice.  You don’t have to have an expensive camera or know a lot about photography to capture amazing photographs using this setting on your camera because it will automatically adjust the settings in your camera’s on-board computer to best achieve what you are looking for.  Don’t believe me?  I took this shot on that strange little flower icon about three weeks ago because I did not have time to manually adjust my settings because my subject, the bee, was moving too quickly.

I will warn you though macro photography can be addicting!  Have fun shooting my friends!


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