Monday, 11 June 2012

Kids Craft - Smash Books

This is a crafting activity I did with all three of my kids, we made smash books. What is a Smash Book? It's a cross between a journal and a scrapbook. The idea is to stick, draw and doodle in it on the spot when things happen. They can be prayer journals, everyday life scrapbooks or special occasion books. We made some coastal themed Smash Books for taking on a trip to the coast. The kids can fill them up with pictures from leaflets, drawings, rubbings and writing etc about what they discover and enjoy about their time there.


  • Large Cheap Old Fashioned Kids Scrapbook
  • White paper
  • Lined and Squared Paper
  • Themed Images
  • Activity or Spotter Sheets
  • Tags
  • Envelopes
  • String/Yarn/Ribbon
  • Scraps or Old Stash
  • Hole Punch (I used a Big Bite)

For the themed images you could gather together stickers and images from magazines. You could sift through your stamps collection and stamp some themed images etc onto white paper to cut out and add. I found some colouring book pages to add to my pre-schooler's book.

For our Coastal Themed Smash Books I printed out some items from the Water World Printable Jotter by Toucan Scraps.

Step By Step
1. Remove the coloured pages from the scrapbook and cut them in half
2. Cut the covers in half too

3. Add white, lined and squared papers to the paper pile. It doesn't matter if they are different sizes.

4. Add themed colouring and activity sheets, and maybe some patterned papers from your old stash or larger scraps.
I made some spotter sheets to add to these books (tutorial here)
5. Mix them up
6. Decorate the Covers

8. Line up everything along the left edge and punch holes for the fastening

9. Thread strips of ribbon through the holes and Tie with knots. Be sure to leave space between the edge of the book and the knots.

10. Stick an envelope to the inside front cover

11. Cut out themed images etc.
12. Put the images, stickers, tags and mini envelopes into the envelope.

I put some supplies in a pencil case to take with us on our trip including

  • pencils
  • wax crayons
  • pencil crayons
  • scissors
  • glue stick
Have fun making some smash books with your kids for them to fill this summer.

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