Monday, 4 June 2012

Kids Spotter Sheets - Hints & Tips

Spotter Sheets are a great learning tool for adventures and home schooling. They can be used for anything from birds, fungi and trees to landmarks and even artefacts to look for on a museum trip.

Here are 2 spotter sheets I made for my kids when we were planning a trip to the coast.


Hints and Tips

  • Think of where you are going and create a list of things to see, both common and rare.
  • Look it up on Wikipedia
  • Make sure any images you take from the internet are public domain - that means you can grab the images from there to use on your spotter sheet free of charge. Otherwise you would need to request permission from the copyright holder who might charge.
  • Wikipedia images are public domain as part of their user agreement.
  • Collect together your pictures
  • When creating your spotter sheet use a nice easy to read font. I used Beatnik SF
  • Add a little square for the child to tick when they've seen it.
  • For young children use photos, but for older children you could use line drawings for the images

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