Monday, 9 July 2012

Digital Art Journaling Walk Through - Unstoppable.

I was doing some digital art journaling today and got inspiration from Unstoppable by Rascal Flatts. I also thought I'd take some step by step screen shots to show the process I went through. One of the main differences between journaling digitally and physically is that I don't have to start with the base and work up, I can choose to start and the top and work down etc.

Here's a list of the digital supplies I used:

I started by adding part of the lyrics from the song that inspired me to the top left of the page. The last line I was adding is "Love is Unstoppable", this is the title of my art journaling so I turned it into a piece of wordart using alphas from Everyone Has a Story by Captivated Visions and tags from Full Speed Ahead by Designs by Kat. I added small drop shadows to the letters and tags.

The main imagry in the lyrics is a lighthouse on the coast. I don't have any lighthouse backgrounds so I used a coastal paper from the Follow Your Art Discover Paper Pack by Aria and added one of my own Digital Stamps of a Lighthouse. I left the lighthouse as an uncoloured line drawing.

Some grunge on the edges of my art journaling page will add some depth. To do this I added a kraft coloured paper from Kat's Full Speed Ahead. 

Then I masked it using one of Aria's Grunge overlays.

To add to the love theme I placed the hearts overlay from Everyone Has a Story underneath the wordart and applied a Softlight Blending mode to it.

And to finish off I added the heart scribble and script by Cilenia ontop of the background with a Mulitply Blend Mode.

Have fun creating, blessings to you all from Angela


  1. Thanks for the step by step run down of this lovely page's construction. Very much enjoy this type of deconstruction and always learn a lot and it is fun to see how an artist's mind works.

  2. I thank you too for a step by step. I would never know how to create such a lovely page. :)

  3. And also with digital work you don't have a mess to clean up. I have done scrapbooking digitally. I will have to try some journaling too.


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