Thursday, 20 June 2013

Future Changes

Hello everyone.

I started this blog up a few years ago to keep all my tutorials in one dedicated place and to make them easier to tag for searches etc. I had a small team blogging here with me and when the team disbanded I invited guest bloggers to join in. I've been unsuccessful in getting any guests this year and my personal circumstances are making maintaining this blog difficult.

I am seriously considering merging this back into my main blog. This blog will remain open but not be added to. I'd be copying my own tutorials back across to my main blog: Toucan Arts and Crafts.

As my valued readers I would appreciate your comments regarding this potential move.

Thank you, and bless you all
from Angela.


  1. Hi Angela
    To save you running the two blogs you could just have a dedicated page on your other blog where all the tutorials should still be easy to find :)

  2. Altho I am new here I think you should keep it easier on yourself & combine. We will all adapt! Take care of yourself :~) Then you are able to keep passing on the tutorials.

  3. I agree with Leslie - have a dedicated page on your main blog that has links to your tutorials. On my blog I have the tag "instructions" on tutorial posts so people can find them that way, but I also have a tutorial page of pictures linked to specific posts so that people can preview the projects. I have also pinned my tutorial posts.

  4. I agree, having two blogs to maintain with your little ones to care for may just be a little bit too much. Having a page dedicated to your tutorials on one blog should work well. Don't want you to get so overwhelmed that you do not enjoy what you are doing. God bless!

  5. I agree too. Keep it all together.


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