Guest Tutorial Writers

Do you have a trick or tip or a tutorial you would like to share with us here? Your bio and a link to your blog will be included on this page as a thank you. To apply simply email me and tell me about the tip/tutorial you would like to share with us.

Messie Jessie (Nov 2012)
An artist based on the small Island of Anglesey off the coast of North Wales; I’m married to Tom my computer geek and have three children – two of which are still in the nest. I studied art and fashion illustration at colleges in Wales and London, before returning home to Anglesey. I work with mixed media, favoring collage and altered art. Being somewhat of a magpie my work frequently features found objects, recycled jewelery, beads and fabrics. I love the sight of washing put out to dry, sheets and pillow cases billowing in the wind, it takes me back to being little. So, I made a series of collages around the theme of clothes on a washing line, which led to the making of miniature children’s dresses and eventually the more involved creations, which are my current collection of ballet type dress assemblages.

Cilenia Curits (Jun 2012 onwards)
I am an Art Quilter, Mixed Media Artist, and Life Journaler that is a cross between an Art Journaling and Scrapbooking.  I call these my Visual Chronicles and I have been doing this in real life paper, paints and fabrics as long as I can remember. I started drawing on the computer in 1986 and I create a lot of my artwork in digital too.

Lynne Anzelc (Feb 2012)
I was a single Mom for many years, life was stressful. It was not until my late 50s that I finally could relax enough to start looking at my creative style.  But I always vowed to look at the “gems” in life instead of the rocks. It helped me through many tough times.  And there was always someone so much worse off than I. So I consider myself lucky indeed.

Sabrina Holgen (Feb 2012  with more visits planned)
I am a young Christian mother with one son and a husband who has put up with me since we met in high school 10 years ago.  For longer than I care to admit I have told myself that I am not creative or an artist but you know what?  I am!  I have a passion for photography, digital scrapbooking, art journaling, and Photoshop Elements.  If you wonder what type of style I have it is eclectic because I am constantly dabbling in all forms of art and styles.  If something appears interesting to me I will go after it and have been known to spend countless hours exploring things that I will never use.  To give you an example I once researched gemstones for their meanings for two weeks.  Have I used this knowledge since?  Just in random conversations, lol.  I am also a book nerd with thousands of facts stored away to pull out from time to time.  I graduated from Mars Hill College with a Bachelor of Arts in English with two concentrations one in Regional Studies and the other in Women’s Studies.  I live in the most beautiful place in the world and yes that may be my opinion but you will not budge me from it.  I live in between the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina in the United States.  Spend any time surfing through my work and you will see that where I live is a major inspiration to me.  I am a firm believer that in order to understand the world you must first understand the region in which you live!

Hello, I live in dear Ol' London and have been crafting for over 3 years. I've started making my own greeting cards to distract me from my disablity.
I spent way too much money on craft supplies but it keeps me happy, so no guilt there ! It's like having an addiction from which I never want to recover.
I thought I would share some crafting tips I've picked along the way so that beginners to paper crafting can avoid the pitfalls I've encountered.
I hope you'll enjoy visiting my various blogs about cardmaking, ATC and scrapbooking. is my new 'baby' and it's all about getting a daily fix of cards made by talented crafters on your computer or cell/mobile phone.

Emily Mae Pitcher (Dec 2011)
Having graduated from The Glasgow School Of Art in 2010 with a degree in Textile Design I have set out to create high quality, hand made crafts and accessories. I enjoy finding items to make which I love and think others will love too. Every piece is hand crafted by myself meaning that no two items will ever be the same.I enjoy using a range of techniques and materials depending on what the item requires. Recently I have been using wool and thick linen to create beautiful decorative cushions.  I also like to find ways to use scrap material and old bits and bobs to create new modern items

Trish (Nov 2011, with a give-away)
In addition to my full time Mom gig, my part time university job – I find time to run my Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs business. Growing up in a family of artists from painters to sculptors, it’s something I feel like I was born with and something I find comfort in – like a warm blanket on a cold night, it makes me so cozy when I can design, draw, paint and sew.

Shoshi (Oct 2011)
I have been married to my wonderful hubby since 1986 and we live in the beautiful South Devon (UK) countryside with our two grey tabby kitties Beatrice and Phoebe. I have always been creative, but in the summer of 2010 this took off completely (or should I say took over?) when I became a citizen of Blogland and got totally enthused by everyone’s creativity. I am now into mixed media and paper art, digital photography. Over the years I have done knitting (including design), crochet, quilting, embroidery, painting, jewellery (and a bit of silversmithing years ago), calligraphy, soft toys, interior design, glass painting… have I forgotten anything? I suppose I’ve turned my hand to most things. I love colour! One of my greatest pleasures is to share my knowledge and skills with others. Since 2007 I have suffered from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis which limits my lifestyle considerably and prevents me from doing some of the things I used to enjoy, like doing sponsored swims, walking on the moors, decorating the house etc., but when I am well enough, it does give me more time to spend being creative in my ARTHaven. I thank God daily for all the blessings in my life.

Marsha Fisher (June 2011)
I am a stay-at-home wife and mother at this mid stage of life after God bringing a wonderful Christian husband to provide for me and my son.  I discovered my passion for paper crafting a couple of years ago and enjoy being challenged to learn and grow in this craft as well as meeting other lovely ladies with diverse gifts.  I am so blessed to know Angela through serving at Christian Paper Crafts together, and am thankful that she has asked me to participate in her blog!

Shell (Nov 2010)
I am a 37 SAHM to 2 gorgoeus girlies Didge (13) who draws & sells digi images at Stitchy Bear & Katiekat (12) who is on Stitchy Bears Kids DT. I have been married to my gorgeous hubby for 12 years & we have one mad 5 yr old Greyhound called Charlie.
I love any form of crafting I started with cross stitch, then progressed to cardmaking about 4 years ago when the girls decided they wanted to make their own Christmas cards, I got them a few bit & pieces & enjoyed it so much, the rest is history lol
I love all sports, football & motor sports being my favourite.
I suffer from arthritis in most joints so being on 6 different DT's  & chatting online keeps me sane.

Christine (Feb & April 2011)
I’m Christine. I am married to my college sweetheart, Matt. God has blessed us with two amazing kiddos. E is our 3-year-old daughter, and J is our 11-month-old son. My family is my love and my life. My degree is in nursing; I worked as a pediatric cardiac RN before I had kids.Random things that I love: proper grammar, smiley faces, real mail, a clean kitchen, little baby giggles, country music, musical theatre, pianos, chocolate, avocados, and COFFEE. 

Velma Meiners (Nov 2010, Feb & March 2011)

I'm 46 years young LOL. I have three children that are now adults. I have 27 years of marriage under my belt. We have three dogs. My dog is a boxer by the name of Shelby. I have been crafting for many years and work with many mediums. I enjoy working with my hands that is why I like trying new things. It all started when my mother fed my art and crafts hunger many moons ago and have been crafting ever since then. I love to watch football, ride harleys, twirl baton. Two years ago we moved from a city in Oregon (after 22 years living there) to a small farming community in Washington state and so to keep me from going crazy I work on my crafts.

Jo Davies (July 2010)
Hi I'm Jo Davies from South Wales UK, I am approaching 30 this year, married to my wonderful husband Greg,with two step daughters aged 14 & 15 and too many animals! I'm crazy about crafting.... Been crafting as far back as I can remember, from knitting to glass painting, rug work, cross stitch, decoupage & paper crafting especially card making! I'm a true confessed Craft Nut!

Floppy Latte Designs (July 2010) - tutorials removed as the images have been removed from the author's image server.
My name is Jessica. I am an artist at heart - all kinds of art. A relatively new digital scrapbook kit designer, a mom to two lovely children, Rena and "Fast" Eddie, two lovely other children, Julie and Cacie (Mark's daughters) and the Domestic Goddess/Secretary/business manager for Mark (my partner). I work out of my home, which frees me up to do many different things. When I am not designing or working, I enjoy long buggy rides up in the mountains, working in my garden, fixing up the house, taking walks, taking lots of pictures, and tinkering with the race car that is presently taking up a lot of flowerbed space!