About Me - Toucan Scraps

My name is Angela, and I am married to a wonderful man called Daniel. We live in England with our 3 active children ( TJ, Roo, and Tisha). TJ and Roo have type 1 diabetes, and we are all on a gluten free diet. Roo also has Aspergers. When I have the time I enjoy digital scrapbooking and various crafts. I love mixing and matching paper crafting and digital - what we call hybrid.

I love teaching and created this tutorials blog to keep all my hints, tips and tutorials together in one place. Having a tutorials blog separate to my personal blog also creates space for guest writers.

Why Toucan Scraps? When I first started blogging I chose to use the Toucan for my blog site, because it's my husband's favourite bird/animal. In the past when we've briefly discussed setting up a family website, Toucan kept coming up in the options for names, and themes. So the Toucan was to honour my husband in my blogging. My main hobby is scrapbooking so I named the blog Toucan Scraps and News, a place to share family news and my love of scrapbooking. Over time I became known as Toucan Scraps and when I started designing it became my design name.

If you like you can find me on Twitter here.